Artist’s Statement

Snow Unspoiled

Snow Unspoiled. Acrylic on Canvas, 24 x 48.

My painting chronicles the vivid and colorful poetry of the local landscape, from simple and delicate to complex and startling. We often pass through our world and our environment without noticing these striking visuals. In these works, I wish to celebrate the beauty waiting for us just beyond our doors. The high desert is wind swept, sun bleached, and parched, yet it bursts with the surprise of color.

These images convey the importance of personal perspective. They not only reflect what lies along the way, what lies maybe just off the path, but what can be seen when we take a moment to look around. Instead of a focus on a solely expressionist interpretation of landscape, I engage in an ever-changing perspective where reality complements the emotional experience for the viewer. These images are composed by experience rather than convention, and as you view them I hope they give you a sense of place, a sense of location, and the pleasure of being in this landscape.